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He was twenty-five years old, a loving father to a five year old boy who he adored, and a baby on the way. He was a wonderful father, son, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, companion, friend.

He was Scott Riley and he was taken much too soon from us all in May 2009 by senseless gun violence.

Scott’s son Andrew remembers him and knows how much he was adored by his dad. Sadly, Scott's daughter Chloé never had the chance to meet her dad. She also knows how much her father loved her before she was even born.

Both Andrew and Chloé have been legally adopted and remain in our family and are thriving today. Scott's brother, sister-in-law and niece have welcomed Andrew into their family, while Chloé remains with her mom and has been legally adopted by her stepdad.

We honor Scott’s memory by providing programs that help dads and their kids foster and maintain unbreakable bonds.

More than ten years later, we still suffer a tremendous loss and are responding with positivity and loving kindness by giving back to communities and families. Just like what Scott would have done.

We are Scott’s family. We are Kind Hearts.




Peer support and activities for kids grieving the loss of a father.

We want to help kids continue cherished family traditions and celebrate and remember their dads.


Kind Hearts has earned the
Effective Facilitation Certificate
from the National Fatherhood
 and offers resources
and programs for dads!

If you know of a dad who is disconnected from his child/children, tell them about us.


Feel free to contact Kind Hearts with any questions about our Dadvocate program

…is bringing new activities just for kids and dads to do together:

The first kids + dads konnect event is scheduled for Saturday, February 8th. Learn more.

Dads and kids, order your Dad's Day at School t-shirts.
…is all about helping dads maintain strong connections with their kids and with adulting stuff
like financial empowerment and giving dads a voice!
National Fatherhood Initiative is an organization founded to effectively help fathers engage with their children. There are many resources for non-profits helping dads in addition to their blog, The Father Factor.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and as mandated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, there are no fundraisers
scheduled at this time.

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