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Our Story

He was twenty-five years old, a loving father to a five year old boy who he adored, and a baby on the way. He was a wonderful father, son, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, companion, friend.

He was Scott Riley and he was taken much too soon from us all in May 2009 by senseless gun violence.

Scott’s son Andrew remembers him and knows how much he was adored by his dad. Sadly, Scott's daughter Chloé never had the chance to meet her dad. She also knows how much her father loved her before she was even born.

Both Andrew and Chloé have been legally adopted and remain in our family and are thriving today. Scott's brother, sister-in-law and niece have welcomed Andrew into their family, while Chloé remains with her mom and has been legally adopted by her stepdad.

We honor Scott’s memory by providing programs that help dads and their kids foster and maintain unbreakable bonds.

More than ten years later, we still suffer a tremendous loss and are responding with positivity and loving kindness by giving back to communities and families. Just like what Scott would have done.

We are Scott’s family. We are Kind Hearts.


There's no doubt. We all have big, kind hearts and want to give back.

It not only takes a big heart, it takes money.
Please consider making a donation so that Kind Hearts can fulfill the need to help
foster the strong ties dads and kids need to thrive and grow.


There's no greater feeling than giving from your heart.

Join a team of dedicated people who believe in a cause that has lifelong positive effects -
not just on the families we serve -  but to our collective well-being.


Executive Director – Helen Riley

Assistant Director – Bruce Riley

Content Director – Alena Scogna

Social Media – Carrie Baker

Fund Raising Consultant – Maryellen Riley


Helen Riley – President

Bruce Riley – Vice President

Tanisha Kane – Assistant Vice President

Bob Plett – Member

Alena Scogna – Member



2 Overlook Drive

Norristown PA 19403

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© 2021 Kind Hearts and material and contents.

Kind Hearts is operated under The Scott R. Riley Memorial Fund, a Nonprofit Organization #90-0502044.

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