Our Dad's Day at School program is proving to be a great way to let dads experience a day in the life of their kid(s)! Not only that, it's fostering bonds between the dads and the kids, the school, and the great community they are growing into.

Stay tuned or contact us for info on the 2019-2020 school year and participating schools!

The State of PA requires every person visiting a school to have a child abuse clearance – even parents of students. Kind Hearts helps parents obtain child abuse clearances free of charge with a code we provide to the applicant. Please contact us at 484-620-5345 to get the code.


Once you have the code, click here to  apply.

Hey, Dads! Order your t-shirt and your child's t-shirt using the form below.

T-shirts are of no cost to you.

Wear them proudly at your next Dad's Day at School!

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