With an estimated 1 in 4 children in the United States living in fatherless homes, it is important to emphasize the needs of kids being raised without dads. Studies show that children who are raised in fatherless homes are 2x as likely to commit suicide. The fatherless home epidemic in our country is a danger to our children. They are more likely to drop out of school, do drugs, and have behavioral problems. Kind Hearts builds pathways for dads to stay connected and helps kids who are physically missing a dad mitigate some of the effects of being ‘fatherless’.




Kind Hearts has earned the Effective Facilitation Certificate
from the National Fatherhood Initiative and offers resources
and programs for dads!

Fathers are “disconnected” from their children for various reasons. Most barriers that prevent a healthy relationship are custody issues, visitation issues, uncooperative mom issues, unemployment issues, unpaid child support issues. With the money raised through Kind Hearts for our Dadvocates program, dads are given assistance to work through the problems preventing them from seeing their kids. With your donation, we can fund legal representation, job search assistance, interview assistance (including proper clothing), and transportation assistance for getting to and from a job. Kind Hearts will work on coparenting issues directly with the mom who may be preventing any visitation. Once barriers are defeated, dads and kids can enjoy a normal relationship.

If you know of a dad who is disconnected from his child/children, tell them about us.


Feel free to contact Kind Hearts with any questions about our Dadvocate program.


Children who suffer the physical loss of a dad, face emotional barriers and psychological threats to their everyday life. Our Kid Konnect program helps kids recreate traditional memories of being with their dad. With your donations we can help a child relive cherished memories of going bowling, or fishing, or doing other happy things that they did with their dad. One of the annual outings is Kind Hearts Kids Shopping Day, where each child gets a $50.00 gift card to shop at Target for Christmas gifts for their loved ones. We provide gift card and assistance with their shopping lists.


 $20.00 for 10 games • 2 cards per game


Nine lucky bingo winners will claim a themed gift basket chock full goodies and gift cards valued at over $75! 

The winner of the final game wins $50.00 cash! 

$10.00 for 5 raffle tickets: Raffles will be drawn for prizes throughout the event. 

All prizes will be personally delivered to the winners. 

For something extra fun, share your favorite cocktail recipe with Kind Hearts and we will send out to all the players. 

Receipts for your bingo and raffle ticket purchases will be emailed. Players will receive a Zoom invitation including their (20) bingo cards on or around April 24th. To ensure accuracy, each bingo card is marked with an identification number that tracks numbers as they are called. Your purchased raffle tickets will be added to the drawing bucket at kick-off of the Zoom event. 




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Our  “Kids + Dads Konnect” program is to provide free outings  for kids and dads at the Norristown Rec Center to do “stuff” together like, meet a fireman, meet a police officer, learn how to save money and other civic knowledge skills that children need.  It provides a time and place for dads and kids to bond, and it does not cost the dads anything to be with their kids.  This is especially helpful for a noncustodial dad who has visitation with his kids and no money to spend on them.  With your donation to Kind Hearts, you are helping us provide these free resources for dads and kids to be together.


Statistics show that children who have dads involved in school are much more likely to succeed in school than children who do not.   With our Dads Day at School program, we work with the schools to invite dads in for a day to be with their children in classrooms.  Each dad and child receive a tee shirt with their school’s name inscribed on it.  Each dad gets coffee and donuts in the morning of Dads Day at School and then is escorted to their child’s classroom.  After their visit in the classrooms, we meet with the group of dads and get them involved in building a community of dads in the school, to help kids see that there are concerned fathers in their school.  With your donation, you are helping kids get needed attention to their education from their dads.  The schools benefit from the participation of dads on the school grounds and the kids benefit from fathers being involved in their education.

Stay tuned for news on the 2020-2021 school year with regards to coronavirus.

National Fatherhood Initiative is an organization founded to effectively help fathers engage with their children.
There are many resources for non-profits helping dads in addition to their blog, The Father Factor.
…is all about helping dads maintain strong connections with their kids and with adulting stuff
like financial empowerment and giving dads a voice!
…is bringing new activities just for kids and dads to do together through these programs: