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How You Can Give Back

First and foremost, funding is needed to run programs that help our community.
And with just a little help from everyone, we could do just that, and hopefully increase the number of people we serve.

Kind Hearts welcomes your donations to help us reach our goals in every program.


Here's how funds would be spent for each program...



• Legal help • Interview-appropriate clothing/footwear • Job training • Computers

Kid Konnect:

• Activities for kids to recreate a treasured memory with their dad, like fishing, bowling, or cooking

• Christmas shopping so that kids can buy gifts for loved ones and friends.

Dads Day at School:

• Tee shirts for each dad and kid • Refreshments for Dad's Day at School attendees • Recognition of the efforts of the school staff.


Kids + Dads Konnect:

• Facility rental costs and event costs


Every little bit helps. Please consider giving to Kind Hearts.



2 Overlook Drive

Norristown PA 19403

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